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Hopkins Heavensent Miniatures is a family owned and operated full service miniature horse business. The farm name of Heavensent was chosen even before miniature horses were a consideration due to the owner’s belief that this piece of property and the life it offers are a true blessing from God. After the acquisition of two little minis, we chose to breed and show miniature horses due to the joy and fun of owning and working with these truly amazing animals.  Our mission is to breed for conformation and personality, so that we may share the joy we get from these horses. After beginning our show program, our love for the miniature horses continued to grow and we believe our best experiences are from the show ring. After our first show season, we took home a single Reserve World Championship trophy with our Senior Mare, Little Kings Center Stage. As we continued, our training and show program grew, and we reaped success with our horses. After realizing how much fun it was to show these animals, we decided it was time to share that with others. Our goal is to offer a professional training program designed to cultivate horses that not only we can show, but that amateur and youth handlers are comfortable and confident showing as well. We have shown our horses to many AOTE, Amateur and Open titles on a local and World scale, and hope to offer the excitement of these wins to other miniature owners. These horses were a blessing and gift from God and are truly heavensent. We plan to keep enjoying every moment with them, and hope you do too!

Breeding & Training World Class Miniature Horses

We are located off the Chesapeake Bay in northeast Maryland, with a working barn with 600 bales of hay storage and a state of the art show and breeding facility. Each pasture has automatic waterers, electricity available, and appropriate run in shelters with hay storage. The show barn was completed and now has a training ring, office, tack room, hot water and 27 stalls.  We have carefully selected horses for our program to help produce only quality horses, in and out.  From our stallions to our mares, every horse offers something special to help us create the best crosses possible, generation after generation.

We invite all inquiries and are also in the business of purchasing top quality show and breeding horses. Please e-mail us information and pictures on any horse you are interested in selling or having trained or shown. We also always welcome visitors but do request that you call or e-mail us in advance so we can plan your visit so that it is productive and enjoyable. If you are curious about our program or like our horses and would like to ask any general questions or seek advice, please contact us.

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